Cleaning by hand

Cleaning and drying by hand using specific products adapted to prestige cars.

Polish by hand

Application by hand of a “Super Resin” polish that restores shine and brightness to your car. This provides increased protection to the elements and makes it easier to maintain the bodywork afterwards.

Bodywork polishing

With the help of adapted machines, the varnish of your bodywork is polished in order to erase the micro-scratches and give it back its shine of the first days.

Leather treatment

Leather is a natural material that must be protected and maintained. With the help of suitable products we clean and nourish your leather so that it regains its suppleness and shine.


Long Term Treatment Ceramic

The ceramic treatment usually contains silica dioxide (SiO2), which is an extremely hard polymer that acts as a protective glass layer on the surface of the car’s paintwork. This treatment offers much better durability (2 to 3 years longer than a Carnauba wax or synthetic wax) and is resistant to detergents and chemicals. This protective barrier gives a better resistance to: harmful UV rays, dirt, road film, bird droppings, it reduces the appearance of micro-scratches, it accentuates the shine and colour of the vehicle and facilitates washing or regular maintenance thanks to its self-cleaning principle.

This rigorous process is only applied by certified technicians. They work in optimal conditions, free of dust and with dedicated lighting to visualize every detail and every nook and cranny of your vehicle to obtain :

40% more gloss
5 times more slippery surface
Washes twice as fast
3 year warranty

The ceramic treatment programs offered are suitable for :

the bodywork, the rims, the glass surfaces.

We can also offer hydrophobic waterproofing treatments for hoods and fabric or leather interiors with benefits for increased shine, oxidation elimination and alkali resistance.

A treatment adapted to each part of the car


The ceramic treatment allows you to protect your bodywork against all external aggressions such as bird droppings, insects, U.V. rays, snow removal salt, micro-scratches and wear and tear. This protection also ensures that tar and road dirt do not adhere to the bodywork. In addition, the Beading effect (hydrophobic) offers a self-cleaning capability that makes maintenance and cleaning easier. Finally, your vehicle benefits from an unparalleled shine!

Rims, Caliper and Exhaust

Cover your rims, calipers and exhaust pipes with a ceramic treatment to protect them from brake dust, tar or any type of dirt on the road. This will make maintenance and cleaning easier.

Plastic inside and outside

The ceramic treatment can also be applied to all plastics in the vehicle, both inside and outside. These plastics are indeed also subject to external aggressions such as exposure to UV rays, blows, scratches, bird droppings, etc. Surfaces protected in this way can be cleaned and maintained in the blink of an eye since dirt does not adhere to them.

Textiles (fabric, leather)

The application of a hydrophobic protection on your interior textiles offers waterproofing and protects against dirt, stains and discoloration. In addition, this protection has hydrophobic characteristics, which makes it easy to clean and maintain interior textiles. Note that seats, carpets, floor coverings, door panels, roof canopy and any other textiles in the passenger compartment can be treated.


In addition to the protection obtained, the major advantage of the ceramic treatment applied to the windows of your vehicle is its hydrophobic characteristic and therefore, its water-repellent effect. This gives you better visibility in the rain, for a more comfortable driving experience.


If you have a convertible, note that it is also possible to apply ceramic protection to the convertible tarpaulin. This treatment offers great protection against external aggressions, an unparalleled water-repellent effect and incomparable colour retention.